Our creative part is the one that most often is neglected. Begging to recognize and feed the artist who is within us, can really change our life. It’s a path that leads to the joy of our dreams which come true, even though so often undermined by mistrust.

Young children are intensely creative. Growing up, the time and space dedicated to art decreases dramatically, and then, after reaching adulthood, you lose the ability and enthusiasm to create. With rare exceptions, who does not creative work, devotes little space to his inner artist side, because: it does not produce money, do not have the right to express ourselves, and eventually we convice ourselves that we are also unable.

Yet we feel the lack of having a free channel in which our dreams can float, emerges as admiration towards someone (maybe a director, an actress, a writer, a painter …), or as a feeling of impoverishment, crushing in a role of executors of the monotonous daily.

But the thought of becoming creators, in some measure, immediately implies the idea of ​​not having the right, the talent, the ability to be creator. The real killer is the judgment, criticism, self-mortification, which resets every departure.

Locating the enemies of creativity helps to hold them off. Investing in our inner artist side means to ignore the voices who insist that we do not have the time, nor the money, that it is too late, that we will never be able, etc. we need a protected space in our minds and in our day in which listening and feeding the creative side; all of us possess one creative side, it consists in freeing a channel, unlocking a stream which then becomes spontaneous and expresses itself in the way that each chooses, or that is more congenial to the person: writing, cooking, painting or sewing. WE need lovingness and confidence to take action: joining a course, taking the pen and use it every day, finding a study. The courage to overcome thousands of internal and external attacks, to feel in return the joy to surprise ourselves, to see our imposed limits, vanishing.

A few years ago, I was able to find and release the creative side in me, I attended a painting course, which I always desired, I took the brushes and started to use them often; I started to explore a new world, get rid of the chains of everyday life and I discovered, road going, a wonderful world that, as I have understood, there’s always been inside of me, but for too long stifled and neglected.

I invite all art lovers to follow me in my world of light and color, I wish you all a pleasant exploration and a warm wish that each of you will find his own artist within himself…

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